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Our Students Observe Certain Rules

Academic Norms:

  1. Students will attend programmes as per Institute’s Time Table.

  2. Students will appear in all tests. A cumulative progress record of each student is being maintained.

  3. Students will participate in social, cultural and professional activities, Separate timings have been earmarked for these activates.

  4. In case of illness permission will be taken from the Principal to mark reasons of absent and completion of course.

  5. Raging

  6. Raging is strictly prohibited in the college campus as well as in the hostel. Both junior and senior students are required to maintain cordial relationship with each other and a disciplined atmosphere in the college campus.


The students will wear the specified uniform.

Identity Card

Each student is provided with an identity card and it must be carried during institute hours or wherever he or she is going out.

Class Attendance

75% attendance is compulsory in all the academic and institutional activities. Students short of this will not be allowed to appear in the University examinations.

Library Rules :

  1. All the students of Institute are members of the library.
  2. Those students who have identity card are entitled to draw books from the library.
  3. A student can draw 2 books at a time and keep them for a maximum period of 7 days.
  4. A fine of Re. 1/- per day will be charged for each book kept for more then the prescribed time.
  5. The borrowers shall replace the books lost or damaged in any way otherwise, they will be liable to pay current price of book plus Re.50/- procurement charges.
  6. Reference books marked with symbol “R” will not be issued to students. The students in the Library study room can consult these without disturbing others.
  7. Students can borrow books from the library after the class work as per schedule notified from time to time.
  8. Same book will not be re-issued again and again.
  9. Books issued to one student will not be transferred to another student.