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Mandatory Disclosure - Infrastructure



Sakshi Parisar, Shabd Pratap Ashram Road, Urvai Gate, Gwalior (M.P.)
Tel. No.: - 0751-2443942, 2443943
Fax No: - 2443947
e-mail –
Date of Establishment 1999
Number and date of recognition order
by N.C.T.E.
NCTE has given recognition vide Order No i{ksl@5-13/96/3195 of 5.8.97 The applications for grant of permission for M.Ed. is under process.
Details of courses offered with
approved inst. etc.
B.Ed. – 100 Seats
D.Ed. -  50 Seats


•Members of Academic Advisory Body: The Competent Authority of
The University takes academic decisions and we follow the same in letter and principle as an affiliated Institute of the University.
•Frequency of the Board Meetings and Academic Advisory Body: Thrice in a year.
•Organizational Chart and Processes:

About College

In 1995, RGVTC took a historic decision to contact teachers to take up teacher education. Encouraged by the success of initiative, RGVTC started B.Ed. course and is going to add M.Ed. course.
Institution is functioning as a full fledged teacher education college and is devoted to provide high quality education through scientific means and modes.
RGVTC has successfully blended the flexibility of practical training with rigor of quality class room teaching. The modes of learning includes micro teaching classroom practical training, techniques of employing latest audio visual aids and inculcation of soft and behaviourial skill.


The Institution is located at Gwalior on Delhi-Bombay railway line. Rail, Road and Air connects it. You take 3 hours 35 minutes to reach Gwalior by train from Delhi. The college is 4 Kms. away from the railway station.

Learning Environment

The learning environment in the institution is a life time experience of students due to rich School – Interface and numerous interactions with academicians and educationists.


The campus is situated at the foothills of Gwalior Fort in lush  green  jungle providing serene atmosphere for learning and  assimilation. The campus provides all basic amenities and  facilities  and is approachable by road transport. All laboratories, lecture halls and sports complex are located within the campus.

Organization Chart


Multipurpose Lab
Institute has a spacious lab which could be used for performing various instructional activities.It could also be used for conducting experimental designs during dissertation work

Multipurpose Hall
There is a Hall in our institute having sitting capacity of about 150 members at a time.There is proper ventilation both for air and light.It is used for conducting functions,exhibitions,co-curricular activities,workshops,yoga camps etc.

Psychology Lab
To become a perfect teacher it is necessary to understand the psychology of students and for that practical knowledge of the subject is must.Keeping this in view,we have made our psychology lab which contains latest and up to date psychological tests and experimentsAll the tests and experiments are standardized and could be used as research tool in dissertation work.

Class Rooms
Classrooms are the main platforms where effective learning takes place. The absence of required standard facilities in a classrooms leads to brain drain and creates a void between teacher and studnets. Due to this reason we have taken all the possible care while designing classrooms.
The furniture used in classrooms are of good quality to enable students for six hours of comfortable and continuos learning.

Educational Technology Lab
“Educational Technology is the application of scientific knowledge and the conditions of learning to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of teaching”.
Our Institute has a well equipped ET lab containing Over Head Projector,LCD,VCD,DVD,Audio visual aids,models,Internet connection and Satellite Networking.All these equipments makes our students more efficient and technically more competent.

Science Labs

We are having three science labs in our Institute each for Physics, Chemistry and Biology.All the labs have necessary equipments and apparatus related to respective subjects.Here we follow the principle of “Learning by Doing”.


Institute has a well –equipped, fully computerized library, which provides latest and up-to-date reference and course books. It is subscribing a large number of journals, newspapers and magazines. A study room has been attached to the library for in depth study.
The good collection of Videotapes, CD-Roms and Audio Cassettes on different subjects makes the library unique. Library has been connected to Internet to have an access to information from the world over.

Seminars, Work shops and visits
Presentations, interactions with elites of different hues and disciplines and socialization have their own impact on shaping and grooming of future leaders. Institute is laying importance on this aspect and ensuring that each student is given an opportunity to prepare projects, present papers, write visit reports etc. Interaction with eminent personalities is also organized to broaden the vision of students. Indirect effect of such interaction is improvement in marketability of own product and hence better placement.

Computer Center :
The Computer Lab is equipped with Pentium based terminals and students have access to Internet, E-mail facilities and latest software.

Work Experience Lab
This is made to develop and nurture creativity in our students.Here students makes toys,paintings,sculptures,chalk etc.We also arrange exhibitions of the prepared material in our institute to motivate our pupils.



The Details of Infrastructure of Academic Block is as follows
1 Multipurpose Lab 1 20' x 35' 700 700
2 Multipurpose Hall 1 20' x 35' 700 700
3 Psychology Lab 1 20' x 35' 700 700
4 Class Room 1 20' x 35' 700 700
5 Educational technology Lab 1 20' x 35' 700 700
6 Seminar Hall 1 35' x 40' 1575 1575
7 Open Space infront of Seminar Hall   20' x 45' 900 900
8 Common Room 1 10' x 15' 150 150
9 Computer Lab 1 12' x 65' 780 780
10 Art & Music Room 1 10' x 32' 320 320
11 Work Experience Room 1 10' x 12' 120 120
12 Store Room 2 10' x 12' 120 120
13 Science Lab 1 12' x 25'    
      12' x 25' 900 900
      15' x 20'    
14 Residential Block 1 40' x 75' 3000 3000
15 Corridor 2 20' x 75' 1500 1500
16 Toilet For F 1 10' x 15' 150 150
17 Toilet For M 1 10' x 20' 200 200
18 Canteen 1 20' x 30' 600 600
19 Sports Room 1 12' x 32' 384 384
  Grand Total     14199 14199

Administration Block

Details of Administration Block

1 Pentry 1 10' x 5' 50
2 Toilet 1 7' x 4' 28
3 Students waiting room 1 10' x 10' 100
4 Reception 1 8' x 8' 64
5 Account Room 1 20' x10' 200
6 Principal Room 1 20' x 10' 200
7 Registrar Rroom 1 20' x10' 200
8 Faculty Room 1 20' x 10' 200
9 Steno Room 1 20' x 10' 200
10 Director Room 1 20' x 15' 300
11 Rest Room 1 13' x 11' 143
12 Visitor Room 1 30' x 10' 300
13 Toilet 1 4' x 10' 40
14 Front Corridor 1 3' x 65' 195
15 Back Corridor 1 2' x 50' 100
  TOTAL     2320

Campus Facilities :

Network for Physical Development – Meditation groves, hobby center, lawns and jogging tracks, sports and play field provide an environment for physical and mental development, essential for learning and assimilation.

Health Care - A watch is kept on the health of the students. They are provided nourishing, balanced diet and Medicare in case of need through medical experts.

Transportation – Institute has its own fleet of transport.

Professional Club : Management club has been formed to undertake various academic, professional, social and cultural activities with a view to foster team spirit and inculcate leadership qualities.

Rural Area Development : There is a need to develop villages with a view to make villagers prosperous and build nation to a desired level. The students visit adopted villages, prepare schemes and provide support to villagers in implementing schemes.

Games and Sports :
Institute has a mini stadium and play fields. Students are encouraged to participate in Games and sports.

Co-curricular Activities :
Co-curricular activities play an important role in enhancement of personality. Institute is laying emphasis on conduct of competitions and competence building co-curricular activities. Students are encouraged to participate in District, State and National level competitions.


Personality Enhancement : A programme is conducted to assist students in confidence building and improving leadership skills, competitive skills and communication skills.

Practice Training
40 days Practice teaching training is Conducted to improve and   to   inculcate teaching skills in B.Ed. and D.Ed. Students.

Placement Activities : Institute’s organization linkage and   development cell is assisting students in providing suitable   placement in accordance with their competence & capability.   Campus interviews are organised and consultancy / project work   is undertaken to provide work experience to students and gain   confidence of industries.



Shri Umesh Chandra Shukla
Date Of Birth 10-08-1945
Edu.  Qualification Qualification--- M. Sc. (Maths), M.Ed.Education
Department Gwalior, 17years School Experience. Dissertation In M.Ed.
Experience 20years in Govt. College of Education,
Research work   
Dr. Rekha Nayal
Date Of Birth Research Work
Edu. Qualification M. A. (His), M.Ed. , Ph.D. (Edu.)
Department 11years in Surya College of Education ,Mathura
Research Work
Dr. Manoj kumar Pathak
Date Of Birth 15-06-1974
Edu. Qualification M.Sc. (Phy), M.A. (English), NET, Ph.D (Edu.
Research Work
Dr. Ram Prakash Singh
Date Of Birth 02-05-1966
Edu. Qualification M.A. (Socio), M.Ed. Ph.D. (Edu.)
Department Education
Experience 10years in khair Kanya Mahavidyalaya
Dr. Digvijay Pachauri
Date of birth 14-07-1980
Edu. Qualification M.Sc. (Maths), M.Ed., Ph.D(Edu.)
Department Education
Experience 2year in Acme Institute, Agra
Research Work


1 Mr. R.K. Shrivastava Administrative Officer B.Com. 25 years 29.04.08
2 Mr.Alok Nilekar Accountant. B.A.,D.G.C.A. 20 years 7.04.08
3 Mrs. Durgesh Rathore Librarian M.Lib. 2 years 5.04.08
4 Miss Sanju Dohre Asst. Librarian M.A. - 15.04.08
5 Mr. Vijay Rengar computer Lab Incharge B.Com.,PGDCA 3 years 25.02.08
6 Mrs. Nirmala Sabu Receptionist B.A.  - 15. 05.08
7 Mr.Roop Singh Kushwah computer Operator M.A., DCA, TALLY 2 years 11.04.08
8 Mr.Om Prakash Mali 8th 25 years 01. 01. 04
9 Mr. Mohan joshi Guard 8th 4 years 10.4.O8
10 Mr. Aslam Peon 9th 12 years 20.10.95
11 Mr. Ashok Sweeper 8th 6 years 01.01.06
12 Mr.Vikram Driver 12th 6 years 04.04.05